Firetop Bar & Grill

index2Firetop is one of my favorite spots in Harrisonburg.  Last night I went there to celebrate my friend’s birthday and we had a great time. The atmosphere is so chill and the happy hour specials are amazing. They also have their happy hour from 7PM-9PM so it’s a great place to pre-game before going out.  They have really tasty food as well.  With items like pita chips and humus, a huge variety of wraps (my favorites are the chicken finger and the veggie) and great appetizers, there is definitely something for everyone on their menu.  The atmosphere is also one of my favorite things about the bar.  It’s so relaxed and they have comfy couches as well as table seating so its the perfect place to hang out and have a drink after a long day.  Some people may be worried about the smoke from the hookahs but they have a great ventilation system to take care of this. If you are interested in hookahs they have some great flavors including strawberry, pineapple and lots more.  If you’re looking for a great time, good food and cheap drinks definitely keep Firetop in mind! 

Firetop Bar & Grill is located at 1971 Evelyn Byrd Ave. You can get there from Neff Ave. and it will be on your left right before the light at Evelyn Byrd Ave.



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3 responses to “Firetop Bar & Grill

  1. Kalee

    Firetop is definitely a great time! They have a lot of unique drinks that I have not had elsewhere (try the sweet tart). The guys I go with also really enjoy the belly dancers on Friday nights!

  2. I don’t know, last time we were there, a couple years ago, we got some decent chicken tikka there. But the kicker was that I got some hot tea for a few bucks. Interesting name I don’t remember. Then they brought out some hot water and a Lipton tea bag. That put it into the “probably not coming back here” category for me.

    And every time I’ve been by there the parking lot has been deserted except for the owners’ cars.

    I’m sure it’s worth a revisit though.

  3. Kalee

    You should think about going back and trying it again. I’ve never had the tea, so I’m not sure about that but I’ve always been happy with all the drinks I have gotten there. Some nights it can get pretty crowded but usually there is a decent number of people there. One of the best things they have to eat there is the wings!

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